Web3 native AIGC+NFT community, focusing on Ai technology and connect blockchain with traditional and encrypted industries

Hood AI refers to a "spiritual enterprise" that was built by a small crowd of people who specialize in stylish collectibles. Freed itself after Hood AI, referring to the "spiritual neighborhood" established by a group of mavericks focused on fashion collectibles.

About Hood AI

Hood AI, formerly known as B.A.D Hood, is a Web native AIGC+NFT community, focusing on Ai technology and closely linking trends with blockchain, traditional and encryption industries. Our mission is to introduce AI-based fashion collections, brands and art to the Web world, and eventually incubate high-end fashion brands.

Hood AI refers to a "spiritual network" made up of a group of mavericks who specialize in fashion collectibles. HOOD as a pun can be interpreted as "the bad guy" who creates something original and foreign under the old order, or "be a dreamer" who frees himself.


There is no doubt that the current popular Ai technology must be a revolutionary technology that affects the human process. From B.A.D Hood to Hood Ai means that we will use Ai technology to subvert the community.

Brand Concept

Hood AI refers to the Ai-based fashion collection "spiritual community" established by a group of mavericks. Hood Ai means we originate in this community, serve the community, and stay true to fashion collectibles. Ai represents our use of the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, combined with deep learning and machine learning algorithms, to provide community members with high-quality fashion collections.

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